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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn Ceiling Removal
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Do you still have popcorn ceilings? They belong to ancient history now but this is not the major reason why people remove them. Most of them contain asbestos, which is harmful to the human health. So, if you have second thoughts and you want healthy and modern solutions for your ceilings, trust the services of “Drywall Repair Valencia”. We remove popcorn or acoustic ceilings – as they are also called – with perfection. We make sure the job is done properly and without damaging the drywall. We work as fast as possible, but with dexterity and make sure the final results of our ceiling repair are to the satisfaction of our clients.

We remove popcorn ceilings and repair them

Popcorn Ceiling RemovalFor popcorn ceiling removal, trust the best! We don't only excel in the service per se but we also prepare your property beforehand so that we prevent dust travelling all over the house. We definitely cover the floors and windows since drywall dust is not removed easily. We guarantee perfection because we have caring drywall repair contractors, who know how to do the job right and without making a mess. Respecting the property of the client is one of the strictest policies of Drywall Repair Valencia and that's why every one of our personnel is chosen with very strict criteria which not only related to his skills.

We can assure you that our residential popcorn ceiling removal will change the looks of your house. After all, this old fashion texture easily cracks and cannot be painted over. Once we are done with the removal, we sand the surface of the panels and can apply the texture you prefer. We follow similar procedures when we remove popcorn ceilings from industries and companies with the only difference that the size of the ceilings is usually larger and the job might take longer. In either case, popcorn ceiling removal is done with proper procedures, carefully and meticulously.

Our specialized team also provides drop ceiling repairs and can also handle problems with acoustic tile ceilings. If you have water damaged ceiling parts, we make sure they are repaired and we can also replace the ceiling insulation or replace the entire drywall ceiling and install a new one. We are perfect for ceilings repair and patching and if you want the popcorn texture gone, we promise to take care of it and of the problem together. We have experience with all drywalls, textures and ceilings and our ability to provide a great number of services with such proficiency just ensures that we can be there for you whenever you want to make ceiling changes. Call us if you are tired of your popcorn ceiling!

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